Day T W E N T Y – F I V E

Yesterday, I had coffee with a wonderful gorgeous tall human  who I met via Instagram and just so happens to occasionally go to my church as well. We met yesterday and talked about who we are outside of social media, where we came from and what we do. In most of my conversations and coffee dates lately, they are centered around the heart of the creative. How did I get here? How did I know this was what I wanted to do? Either via email or through in person interactions these questions and conversations have come up so I thought why not post about them? Is it weird to interview yourself on your own blog?

   *Insert Kanye Shrug*

Here we go!

the h e a r t of a c r e a t i v e

How did you get involved with poetry? 

So I have always loved writing, I wrote poems instead of doodles on class notes. English was my favorite subject and there was just something about language that has always captivated me. I went an Arts High School and was in the theater emphasis. I wrote a lot of plays, monologues, short stories and occasionally the main character in my pieces were creative in someway so I was able to have two outlets of being able to express who I was and what I was passionate about.

It honestly wasn’t until I got to APU (Azusa Pacific) that I even know what Spoken Word was. I performed at one of the Coffee house events on campus and performed a monologue, then afterwards my now really good friend and poetry mentor if you will, Michael pulled me aside and asked if I had written what I performed. I told him it was a monologue and he was like “Nah, that was poetry.” And from that point forward my life has LITERALLY not been the same. I ended up getting on APUs competitive poetry team and competing for two years with a group of amazingly gifted individuals and a coach who I adore to this day. Then after all the initial heartbeats of campus poetry graduated, I became president of the poetry club.

Did you know this is what you wanted to do?

haha no. Not at all. In fact, this is the FURTHEST thing from what I thought I would be doing. I studied Psychology at APU and thought I would go to Grad School for it then I became really passionate about leadership on campus and residence life. My next route was I thought I would be a Resident Director on a college campus for a few years. And then this poetry, this art, this creativity was so much more than a hobby, it was becoming very much so a part of me.

But oh my gosh I ran from this so hard. I didn’t want anything to do with the stage, with the lights with the attention, I thought it wasn’t supposed to be for me. But then I performed at an event on campus and it literally opened the floodgates of opportunity. You know that moment when you step into your calling and everything seems to fall in place after that? It was that moment, that moment where there’s no more running because you’ve finally made it home.

It’s still a very weird thing though and it baffles me every time a new opportunity comes but honestly I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

When/ How/ Why did you start Blogging?

My Myspace, Facebook and any social media captions have always been just a little bit too long. Tumblr was my JAM when I first started because I could repost a bunch of pictures and then have little “blog posts” tucked in between. I have always been extremely expressive and searched for outlets where I could be and do that. After Tumblr, I wondered what a space just for me would look like. I’ve had my WordPress since 2013 and I’ve just been spilling ever since.

How did you start contributing to other blogs and online spaces?

Here’s the thing– social media is a BEAUTIFUL place. We abuse it so much and take it for advantage but my goodness it’s SO COOL. I have met so many amazing people through it and have found a lot of the opportunities i’ve been able to experience through it. I am all about the scrolling, clicking link after link and finding new people, new spaces. I found Yellow Conference through Instagram and have been SO blessed by the opportunity to share my gift of words in such a remarkable space. Contributing to Yellow has opened a lot of doors and a lot of connections for people to find my Instagram and my work. It’s literally all Networking and being friends with really neat humans who are doing rad things.


Shoot. That’s a good question. Definitely from the traffic of other places I’ve contributed to, being tagged in photos from people who are RAD and using hashtags (those things are honestly so crazy how it connects all these different spaces). I realized that my “following” (ew that sounds so weird) started growing so I began trying to research, learn and figure out why. Was it my content? My Pictures? It’s a mix of both but most importantly our social media is a space to curate it’s constantly growing and there are PEOPLE not just likes, people. I try to interact with everyone on my social media because humans are rad and I fall in love with them every day. How neat to be friends and know people from literally all over the world!

Where do you hope all of this will go?

I could do this forever. If it goes to forever, I would be so so down for that. I remember a few years ago performing and I got off stage and was just so overwhelmed by the beauty and magic of it all. I prayed and told God that if it lined up for his will for me, I would do this, I would do it for as long as he wanted me too. I would love to travel more, I would love to connect with more artists and collaborate on more projects. This creative world has sucked me in and I have no desire to leave right now! Wherever He leads, that’s where I’ll go.


I love being able to share this crazy journey because it had absolutely NOTHING to do with me. I didn’t wake up and say “I’m going to be a poet.” or “I’m going to be a creative.” NAH. The left side of my brain was like I’m sorry what?! This could be anyones story, anyones journey. I just realized that something gave me butterflies in the best possible way and I wanted to chase them for as long as I could. I don’t ever want to share my story and have people think “That’s cool but that’s not me” Do you want it to be you?! I think that EVERYONE has the ability to create because guess what you were created so how could you not mimic something that’s literally been shown to you and placed IN YOU!

It’s terrifying though. Every time I perform I wonder if that will be my last time, I pray to God that it isn’t but I know that right now this is what ignites my soul in a whole different way and that feeling—my goodness, it makes waking up everyday so exciting.


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