I have always worked hard.

I was and am constantly seeking ways to do better, to be better.

My dad is a pastor so my family isn’t just a family who “does life together” we also work together and our home is a place we know doesn’t just belong to us, it belongs to those that are around us. We don’t really have an idea what a Sabbath day is because Sundays were always days that ended up with eating and then crashing on every couch in the house. I come from a bloodline of hard workers. In addition to that, I am the oldest child, so showing an example, one worth following to my siblings is something that is always recurring in the back of my head with everything I do.

Whether we want it to be the case or not, someone is always watching you. Someone wants to follow your example and I can only hope that I’m setting one worth following. I want to but someone who exudes transparency and honesty no matter how badly I want to find the nearest place to hide. I will work hard until there is no more breath in these lungs. But with our diligent pursuit to work hard — is our work ethic something to take note on as well? Or are we doing everything we can to climb the closest ladder next to us despite who’s already on it, to make it to our next agenda? Do we neglect our body and souls in the process? I’ve talked a lot about “the hustle” lately, because the hustle has been trying to wear my barely twenty-four year old self into the ground.

We celebrate, we glorify the hustle.

We look at other people’s “busy” to validate our own and convince us that it’s not “abnormal.” I have been really big lately on the concept of human being VS. Human doing. They are not simultaneous with one another. We were not created to be human doings and yet our identity is entirely wrapped around that very concept.

When people ask us who we are, we tell them what we do and that is our mentality of who we are.

It’s not that we’ve lost sight of our identity, we’ve just lost sight of who we are outside of the doing. Outside of our association with other people.

You are not solely what you do. 

You are a gallery collection of many attributes, many quirks and yes many gifts and abilities.

I was reading Hannah Brenchers blog yesterday and she posted a blog about working hard but working for a cause. She ended it with this prayer and I think it’s too good not to share. I hope that this would be my own heart beat, my own prayer when it comes to work and the hustle. The reminder that this is not about me, the world will go on when I’m no longer here but what kind of bread crumbs can I leave so that people find him in the places they search for remainders of me?

“God, make me a worker. Make me a worker who is so focused on the calling that there be no time for comparison or competition or false humility. Make me the one who bends her head towards the desk and just gives herself to the process, not the praise.

Keep me faithful. Keep me honest. Keep me real. Chip away what doesn’t help me get closer to the others.

Make me fall so hard in love with this work that I fail to see the ones who’d like to see me fall.

Make me so faithful to the direction I am going in that my life won’t be a good story but rather a map that others could use to find you for real.”

Hannah Brencher

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