|| Let’s begin something new||

I am a little nostalgic to leave this space.

This corner of the internet has been home for me, a safe haven, a little lighthouse in the midst of some crazy dark nights.

I have poured, I have spilled, I have changed this layout a couple hundred times, I have found home here and now I suppose it is time that we grow.

I am excited to announce that after a few months passing and a lot of work put in by Green Gold productions, an amazing, diligent and gracious company. Green Gold has offered to be my sponsor, helping me with my business cards (with the beautiful gold edges), beautiful bookmarks and other promotional items coming soon! I honestly cannot thank them enough for the way they have worked with and helped me develop a brand, a vision and harness a dream. (If you’re interested in this kind of support too, find them on FB, instagram, or contact them via their website)


So here we go…

we’re growing up a little, spreading our wings, saying good bye and exhaling.


Join me?


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